Adams Warehouse & Delivery


EDI Computer Inventory Tracking System and Temperature Controlled Space

We value each and every product that is entrusted to our care. That’s why we have a fully-integrated computer inventory tracking system that knows where every product and pallet that comes into our warehouse or is on outbound delivery. No matter what the size of the order, we flawlessly process and track every item at each point in the logistics process. We provide expert packaging, kitting, and picking with our full service logistics. Our warehouses are also equipped with temperature controlled space, dry space, outdoor storage, and clean room services. We are Health Department approved for Texas and Louisiana as well as FDA approved.

Weather-Resistant Masonry Construction for Protection

Since Houston is in the heart of the Texas, sometimes storms and high wind weather patterns come through our area. In order to protect our client’s commodities, we have constructed each of our three warehouse facilities with weatherproof masonry construction. Rain and wind stay outdoors, where they belong, no matter how severe the weather system. Our warehouse facilities stay dry and protected at all times There’s no better way to protect your products!

Family Owned and Operated Since 1976

Proper warehousing, logistics and trucking of your products are our number one priority. We have been committed to providing the best, full service logistics and trucking for over 30 years; no compromises in quality or service are ever made. You’ll be impressed with our customer service and thorough handling of your shipments from day one. Give us the opportunity to make you another in our long line of happy, lifetime clients.

Trucking, Deliveries, and Dock Services

All of our facilities are equipped with safe dock services that are rail served to ensure that the transport of food grade goods and general merchandise occurs reliably and is convenient for you. Since many of our customers use interstate train transport for dependable, budget-friendly shipping service, we make it easy to get products into our care from the train cars to our docks. Our trucking is among the most dependable in the nation because we offer local delivery and throughout the USA with contract route delivery also available. Whether you need deliveries made within Texas or sent thousands of miles away to California or New York, we provide dependable trucking transport and on-time deliveries.

Central Station Security Cameras and Sprinkler Monitored

To ensure the security and safety of our warehouses, they are fully equipped with sprinklered monitored systems and security video cameras monitored at a central station, 24 hours a day. Our warehouse locations are securely protected from burglary and fire every moment of every day. We have a fire sprinkler-protection system installed in case of fire to protect our customers’ items.