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Third Party Logistics Services You Need

Finding the right third party logistics companies company to work with can be a real challenge.

You’ve already learned in some of our blog articles how to identify red flags some

third party logistics companiescompanies won’t be so great to work with, while also finding signs that identify a company can be great to work with. While you’re searching for someone to hire, you’ll also have to be aware of some of your own needs, such as:

  • Inventory size. Are you able to accurately predict how much inventory you will have requiring storage? Or, might you have sudden and unexpected influxes? The answer to this question will help you identify which Houston warehouse company to work with.
  • Does your inventory have special needs? While many warehouse companies have temperature-controlled facilities, you have to determine whether or not your inventory will need to be stored in a certain temperature range. If it does, be certain to work with a company who has that capability.