Adams Warehouse & Delivery

Multi-location Facilities

In order to provide our clients with the convenience of multiple locations and ample space for warehousing products, we have three Houston locations to serve you. Since Texas is a centrally-located major hub for the trucking and shipping industry, we have several locations available to provide you with the convenience and accessibility that you need. Our warehouse space exceeds 2,000,000 square feet  of dry warehouse storage, including 250,000 of climate controlled cool storage so you can be sure that your storage needs are always met.

Your goods in safe hands

Sturdy Masonry Construction at Each of Our 11 Locations.  Houston, Texas is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. Like any area on the Gulf Coast, we can experience storm and high wind conditions at certain times during the year. As a result, we have constructed our warehouse facilities with nearly-indestructible masonry construction. This assures that moisture and wind stay outdoors, no matter how severe the weather becomes. Products are kept safe, dry, and protected year-round. There’s no better way to protect stored products.

Dock Services and Trucking

For your convenience, our facilities are equipped with dock services and are served by the railway system so that the transport of goods and products can be accomplished easily. We understand our client’s needs for interstate train transport with reliable and cost-effective service, so we provide an easy way for you to get products into our care directly from the train cars to our facilities…and we always work within your budget. We offer delivery local and USA so whether you need trucking services in Texas or to the east or west coast, we’ve got you covered.

Completely Fire Sprinklered and Closed-Circuit Monitored

For added security and protection, our warehouses are fully sprinklered and monitored on closed-circuit video by a central station, 24 hours a day. There is never a moment when our facilities go unprotected from fire or burglary. Items are securely locked so they are protected from being stolen. Additionally, our facilities are protected with state-of-the-art fire sprinkler systems to protect the contents of our warehouse facilities from fire danger.

Superior Inventory Tracking and Temperature Controlled Space

Additionally, we have a fully-integrated computer inventory tracking system that keeps track of every product, pallet, and commodity that comes inbound or goes outbound. Small and large orders alike are impeccably processed and tracking is available to our clients at any point in the process. We also solve your kitting, picking and packaging needs by providing full service logistics. Our facilities are equipped to provide temperature controlled space, outdoor storage, dry space, and clean room service; we are FDA approved and Health Department approved for Texas and Louisiana.

Adams Warehouse and Delivery, Since 1976

Convenience, reliability, and high standards are what we pride ourselves on. That’s why we’ve been experts in warehousing, logistics, and trucking since 1976. Our warehouse has been family owned and operated for nearly 35 years, so we know what it takes to get the job done right. We offer full service logistics and trucking that are tailored to meet your customer’s needs. With 24 hour service and flexibility, rush delivery and rush orders available, as well as full service distribution; Adams Warehouse and Delivery is the right choice, every time.