Adams Warehouse & Delivery


Adams Warehouse & Delivery provides the perfect kitting solution to quickly and cost-effectively prepare wholesale kits, retail pallets and shippers. Our kitting services are especially invaluable if your distribution operations involve turning multiple products into product kits, be they are club packs, promotion kits or multi-packs.

You can choose from a range of pack types including:

With our kitting services you can:

  • Lower inventory levels by finalizing the kits just prior to delivery
  • Swiftly respond to shifting demands for your packs
  • Fulfill customer orders without requiring additional personnel for assembly and packing

Modern Faculties, Accurate Kitting, and Flexible Labor

We employ state-of-the-art facilities and systems to efficiently manage inventory for the entire kitting cycle. A team of specialists ensures the efficiency and accuracy of the kitting process, which results in high quality kits that meet your specific requirements. Moreover, you enjoy our flexible staffing, which enables you to efficiently manage your operations in the face of shifting demands and activity levels. Meeting last-minute requests is never an issue.

Our kitting services include:

Package design

Concept creation and prototyping


Materials and components

Manual and automated assembly

Fully customized

RFID chips

Software flashing

Laser printing