Adams Warehouse & Delivery

Pool Distribution

Adams has decades of pool distribution experience, where we bring in products from various vendors and then merge these products for shipment to stores, hospitals and business.  This provides tremendous cost savings over conventional distribution.

Pool distribution is a superior form of distribution where consolidated transport is used to direct shipment to regional terminals.  The merchandise is offloaded and categorized before being loaded on local delivery transportation for their final destinations.  It’s a much more efficient distribution system, which is a part of Adams Warehouse & Delivery’s distribution solution.

Normal "LTL"


Efficiency aside, you will also get:

Lower Distribution Costs, Higher Customer Satisfaction

In addition to providing significant cost savings, pool distribution also enhances customer satisfaction.  The speed and cost-effectiveness of pool distribution helps you cater to your client’s needs in a timely manner.  This capability goes a long way in building a competitive edge, which is what every Adams client enjoys.

With Adams Warehouse & Delivery’s unmatched experience, you can make the most of pool distribution as you move away from traditional LTL distribution.