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Fulfillment Center Technology—More than Just Talk

Is your fulfillment center more than just talk when it comes to the technology they have to utilize in the fulfillment process?

If not, your own business might suffer for it. Even the best employees can make mistakes in the supply chain fulfillment process. This is why technology is so important in the industry, and why checks and balances facilitated by technology can mean the difference between on-time, error-free fulfillment and angry customers. While human contact and interaction is important in establishing a solid business relationship with your business’ fulfillment center, technology is the added edge to ensure reliability and preparation to guard against human error. Picking and shipping errors using bar code scanning and other warehouse software assures that materials and products are accounted for and that warehouse staff members are accountable. These same technologies and software packages also allow you to check the status of order fulfillment and keep your own records up-to-date and accurate.   Finding out what technology your fulfillment center has, and how successful they have been in implementing it, should be one of the first steps you take in choosing and keeping the best fulfillment center for your supply chain management needs. The success of your business is at stake!

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