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A Fulfillment Center’s Location Means Everything

How do you find the right fulfillment center for your company’s fulfillment needs?

What qualities should you look for to ensure that you choose the right fulfillment partner? With so many fulfillment centers out there, it can be hard to make the right choice and feel comfortable with the choice you made. First, you should look for a fulfillment center whose location is suited to mailing. Its location will significantly affect the time it will take for your product to arrive at its intended destination. In such, you should look for a fulfillment center that is centrally located, ensuring the timely delivery of your products to your customers—regardless of where they live. This central location will provide the best advantage in shipping products throughout the country. Finally, you should look for a fulfillment center that is close to major transportation hubs. With local air freight, trucking, rail and shipping methods of delivery, a fulfillment center is at the prime location to provide excellent fulfillment and delivery service. If it isn’t located in a major transportation hub, or is in a location with limited forms of transportation, your products’ delivery will be delayed through simple logistics.

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