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How To Build A Successful Storage Warehouse Team

You may be wondering what makes for a successful storage warehouse team. That’s a great point to consider, and like anything, it’s easy to talk about but difficult to execute.

In storage warehouse-7theory, this is how you would go about creating a successful team:

  1. Hire self-motivated employees. Employees that don’t want to do their jobs will never be motivated by anything you do. You can praise, confront, or financially reward behavior, but those incentives only last for the short-term. Instead, it’s better to thoroughly interview people and determine who is motivated on their own to do a good job. Then, you develop a work climate where they can succeed.
  2. Take responsibility when things go wrong. Blaming, punishing, and confronting are short-term solutions to long-term problems. These are appropriate in some circumstance, but more often than not, employees simply learn to avoid being caught and then slack off when the boss isn’t looking. If something goes wrong, the manager needs to take responsibility, and then be the first one to hand out praise when it is deserved.
  3. Reward good performance. Employees who perform well, or teams who perform well, should be rewarded for their performance promptly and publicly. This can be done in a number of different ways. Try to understand which form of reward would work best for the employee, or allow him or her to choose.