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Logistics Warehouse Houston

Another great week at Adams Warehouse, few fantastic customers visited to review their year.

Well all have had much better years than 2009. Costs of Logistics and Warehousing have gone down overall. Logistics is a very important part of business today. Getting to and from makes all things possible. One issue missed too often in Warehousing and logistics is damages. Damages occur when the loader does not understand proper methods of blocking and bracing. Two different companies delivered Adams Warehouse trailers that had been laid on their side by shifting product. Both loads could have been saved had the loader made sure the product was blocked properly. While unloading these trailers Adams Warehouse made sure not to take any shortcuts and we were able to minimize the overall damage.
Also several new projects with our logistics partners this week. A few repackaging and rework jobs this week. We look forward to another fantastic week before Thanksgiving. So how about a Texas size thank you to all of our Houston Warehouse customers. If your business needs a change or just looking to outsource the distribution services, give us a call and see what we are doing to improve your business.