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What to Look for in an Order Fulfillment Company

Order Fulfillment Company

We can’t all do everything – it takes a team (or a village, depending on your choice of metaphor) to accomplish anything, and that goes doubly for business. One of the most common places companies choose to outsource is fulfillment. It makes sense: It’s a logistical aspect of your business you should prefer experts be running, and hiring outside fulfillment companies is the easiest way to get that expertise. But what should you look for? Here are some aspects of fulfillment companies that many businesses fail to consider. Positives Ask what ordering methods the fulfillment companies can handle. In the modern age, customers like flexibility, and don’t like being forced to order in one specific way. Ask your potential fulfillment companies if they can handle everything from phone orders to email and online orders – and that they can handle volume in all categories. Location is always the triple-threat, right? A fulfillment company that is located centrally to your potential market is a distinct advantage – and if you’re national or global, a fulfillment company that matches your reach is essential. Negatives A short list of reasons not to partner with fulfillment companies: • Lack of transparency concerning their financial stability and service capabilities, including customer satisfaction records • Customers won’t blame the fulfillment company for problems – they will blame you. Think about that long and hard, and keep it in mind when weighing outsourcing fulfillment versus handling it as a possible in-house group.