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What Types Of Third Party Logistics Companies Are There?

When you think of third party logistics companies, you typically think of a generic picture of a full warehouse, and a company with a fleet of trucks available for shipping.

When you examine different logistics companies carefully, however, you can find some notable differences.  So, when you are out and about looking for logistics companies to hire, keep in mind they may perform one or more of the following services:third party logistics companies-4

  • The standard company.  The standard provider offers pick and pack, warehousing, and distribution services.
  • Service developer.  This type of company offers everything standard third party logistics companies offer, plus a number of value added services.  The value added services offered might include unique security systems, custom packaging, and tracking and tracing.
  • Customer adapter.  This company type completely take over your logistics activities.  They can greatly enhance your efficiency, but don’t develop a new service.
  • Customer developer.  This type of logistics provider is similar to the customer adapter type, but performs services requiring much greater detail and attention.
When you hire your next logistics company, you now know the different types of services they offer.  Which type are you looking for?