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Cybersecurity and Logistics

Logistics, like many other aspects of conducting a business, involves the electronic transfer of sensitive information.

While utilizing cyberspace for communicating important information is definitely beneficial for any supply-chain, it is also a potential problem. Where cyberspace simplifies and speeds up communication, it also makes the information communicated vulnerable to cybercrime.

Even brick-and-mortar businesses, such as those providing warehousing and logistics services, are exposed to this risk since they electronically store or communicate important information ranging from business addresses to credit card details.

Efficient warehousing and delivery services invariably involve dealing with multiple partners and third parties. This involves transfer of information, usually electronically. This is where cybersecurity becomes an issue. Some information is more sensitive than the other. Online predators are always looking for weaknesses in a company’s cybersecurity to steal, modify or otherwise misuse sensitive information.

In any case, a good logistics company such as Adams Warehouse & Delivery is well-aware of all potential data risks and takes all the necessary cybersecurity measures to protect the information it holds, processes or shares. From robust firewalls to sophisticated data encryption, we actively protect all data that comes through our systems. It’s one of the many things we do

to provide the best logistics solution in the country.

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