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How We Keep Warehousing and Distribution Cost Down

Every major company wants to know how to keep their warehousing and distribution cost down without having to sacrifice poor logistics in the warehouse.

So….How We Keep Costs Down?

Logistics are an important part of any company’s cost structure. You will be glad to know that our highly-competitive pricing is not an accident; it’s all premeditated. We utilize the best practices in logistics, especially those which deal with cost reduction, to keep your expenses to a minimum without ever compromising on the quality of our services.

These practices include:

  • Optimizing Freight Costs: Several techniques are used, from renegotiating minimum billing to minimum billing for specific zones and coordinating product deliveries. We often utilize smaller, local carriers to provide the best combination of cost savings and quality of service.

  • Improving Shipping and Receiving: This enables significant savings. We use flow charts to identify inefficient processes and reduce window time for receiving.

  • Capitalizing on Technology: We strive to maintain a paperless environment by scanning and emailing documents to customs, ports, etc. This optimizes loading, increases efficiency across our operations and brings costs down.

  • Streamlining Returns: Reverse logistics are considerable freight cost generators. We streamline reverse logistics processes to control these expenses or else they will cost a fortune.

  • Auditing Freight Costs: We hire specialist audit agencies to audit freight bills. These audits provide invaluable identification of avoidable costs and costly errors.

At Adams Warehouse & Delivery, we do everything to balance cost and quality, providing the best logistics solution in the industry.

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