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The Key to Modern Logistics: Flexibility

 Modern Logistics: Flexibility

Was there ever a time when the world was static and made the same sense from day to day? Most likely not. As time goes on, it’s easy to think so because history scrubs everything down to hindsight and facts. In the present moment, there is no hindsight, and facts are often difficult to locate in the mass of information streaming in. Logistics companies are supposed to help you make sense of everything. They get your goods from one place to another as quickly and affordably as possible – but they are only as effective as the information they are using. The modern world is roiling right now – prices are up and down, economies fail and bloom, nations fall and borders shift. If looking towards the past – you need the ones that start every day with open eyes and a fresh perspective and use today’s information to make decisions, not yesterday’s. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of assuming what worked a few years or even a few weeks ago will still work today. For a logistics company, that kind of myopic point of view means their methods are less effective with every passing day. This also means you have to re-evaluate your current relationships every day as well. Just because a logistics partner served you well in the past doesn’t mean they will continue to do so.