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Finding the Right Type of Warehouse in Houston, Texas

Right Type of Warehouse in Houston, Texas

For the uninitiated, warehouses are all the same: Big empty spaces that you stuff freight into until you need to push that freight somewhere else. But finding warehouse space for your business can be a complex matter, weaving together costs, the type of warehouse, and the details of your business into a web of logistics. Here’s a rough guide to types of Houston warehouse you can find. Public Public warehousing is an open space anyone can lease month-to-month for a set price by the square foot of storage space. This is ideal for businesses that need to keep their warehousing needs fluid, as there’s no long-term commitment. On the down side, it’s usually the most expensive option. Contract Contract warehousing is similar to public warehousing but with a longer term, usually a minimum of six months commitment to the lease. This makes it a little cheaper as well, and contract warehousing is usually necessary if your business involves freight that requires special equipment like racking, forklifts, dedicated docks or security. Private You can, of course, also choose to buy or build your own warehouse. This offers the best long-term financials, and the most flexibility. But short-term, it can obviously be the most expensive option, especially as you’ll need to carry leasing costs while construction is under way. In the end, not all warehouses are created equal, not in Houston or anywhere else. Choose your Houston warehouse options wisely, or your business will pay the price.