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Three Aspects of a Comprehensive Logistics Solution

There are three aspects of a comprehensive logistics solution that enhance supply chain management. 1.) Logistics Planning Services This involves both logistics planning and inventory planning. Logistics planning entails entering account/client/order details into a computerized system and making it available to 2.) Warehousing The ability to safely and cost-effectively store clients’ merchandise is central to

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Cybersecurity and Logistics

Logistics, like many other aspects of conducting a business, involves the electronic transfer of sensitive information. While utilizing cyberspace for communicating important information is definitely beneficial for any supply-chain, it is also a potential problem. Where cyberspace simplifies and speeds up communication, it also makes the information communicated vulnerable to cybercrime. Even brick-and-mortar businesses, such

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The Trend Towards Third Party Logistics (3pl)

Though varying across industries; logistics cost contributes to a significant portion of business operations. Logistics whether inbound/inward or outbound/outward ensure the proper functioning of a business. It is one way to measure how efficient a business is operating. Academic research confirms that outsourcing of logistics can serve as a means to achieving competitive advantage; especially

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Blunders In Selecting Logistics Partner

While a well-planned logistics outsourcing approach can yield cost advantage; the very same approach if ill-managed can cost the company a lot. Logistics outsourcing is without doubt gaining significance in today’s business world. Companies aim to focus on their key activities; while letting others focus on the peripheral activities. However, poor managerial decisions while outsourcing

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